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About us started with an idea; to offer high quality photo restoration services, along with excellent customer service. After years of hard work and dedication to perfecting the art of photo restoration and enhancement we have become admired and respected for the quality of work we produce within the Twin City area. We are minutes from both downtown, Minneapolis and St. Paul, where all of our work is done on site. The training of our photo restoration specialists is closely supervised until they can meticulously recapture and restore the lost details of your invaluable damaged photographs.

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We are now hiring sales team members! This position will be based on commission and can be done in your free time from home, or in our St. Paul office. We encourage walk ins to local businesses like frame stores, and scrapbooking supplies, and politely composed emails rather than just telemarketing. We offer training, and our staff is more than willing to help. To learn more about this new job opening please click here.
Why choose

At we make it our goal to exceed your expectations. We are not a company that offers the standard photo restoration services. We have dedicated years to perfecting the art of restoration. Taking our time restoring your photographs to their original beauty is our goal for every photo we restore. Our photo restoration specialists treat each photo as if it is their own.

We often hear stories of customers who have gone elsewhere first and were told that the photo restoration, or enhancement wasn't possible, leaving that person distraught. Unfortunately we've also heard a large number of stories of unhappy customers who had originally sent their treasured photographs to companies who promised the moon and delivered a something far less. Thankfully however, we are more than capable to rise to the challenges shunned by less experienced companies and like to leave our customers in awe when we not only do what they were told wasn't possible, but we do it far better than anyone else they've gone to was able to get it.


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