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Document Restoration

In addition to restoring photographs, also offers high quality document restoration. Awards, graduation certificates, family genealogies… we can restore them all. We can also restore old Military, Army, Navy, and Air Force certificates and citations. Even if your document isn’t damaged and you just want copies, we offer that service as well. Prints can be printed in any sizes or shapes.

Please contact us through the “Get a FREE Estimate" link to receive an accurate estimate for document restoration.


To view samples of our document restoration please click here.

Document Fraud
FixYourPhoto does not condone or offer the service of producing fakes of legal documents. This includes: fake social security cards, fake ids, fake birth certificates, fake marriage certificates, fake passports, fake diplomas or any other document that must be acquired legally. It is illegal to produce the above documents, in general we do not normally produce fake documents or certificates, we simply restore damaged ones. Some documents must be acquired through a government facility if damaged and in need of replacement, this includes birth, death, and marriage certificates.

Commonly Restored Documents
While we'll work with you to restore any damaged document we commonly see those of a historic of genealogical nature. Here are some examples of documents you may want to get restored:

  • An Excerpt from an Old Diary or Journal
  • Damaged Contracts
  • Excerpts from Old Newspapers No Longer In Print
  • Graduation Announcements
  • Hand Written Agreements
  • Hand drawn family trees
  • Hand written letters
  • Hand written rosters or inventories
  • Non State Birth Certificates
  • Non State Wedding Certificates
  • Old Auction Clipping
  • Old Property Clipping
  • Old Wills
  • Religious Documents
  • Wedding Announcements

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